How Do You Look?

In quantum physics there is a theory known as the observer effect. In short, the idea is that by simply observing something, in this case a subatomic particle, you change the thing being observed. From a physics perspective, this might be troubling. How can one be sure one is observing the “real” nature of a phenomenon[…]

Different Directions

When you do things differently than everyone else does, that make you an outlier? An oddity? A rebel? What about a problem solver? The answer to these questions depends a great deal on why you are being different. I have been pondering the value of being different. Many of our current environmental problems—a warming climate,[…]

Disney Dollars

Have you noticed? Disney has a lot of money. They can thank my family and me for some of it. Every time they build a new theme park, roll out a new attraction, make a movie (okay forget Star Wars), or launch a cruise ship, it’s impressive. They really know how to do it “right.” When it comes to entertainment, they have not[…]

Real People, Not Actors

My acting instructor, Julie-Anne Liechty says, “Acting is being real in pretend situations. Anything else looks like acting.” To paraphrase the Chevrolet commercials, however, most of us are real people, not actors. (Although I have met some pretty real people who are actors and some “real” people who are anything but.) Even if you never[…]

Acting On It

Acting classes—should you be taking them? I am. Just so you know, this isn’t something I have done a great deal of—acting or acting classes or film or theater. I am not counting the facades, personas and personalities I may or may not have affected throughout my life. I am also not counting times I[…]

Large Amounts

It’s Halloween today, and tonight costume-clad kids will roam neighborhoods attempting to acquire as much candy as they can. They will come to my door and my neighbor’s door with their jack-o-lantern shaped plastic buckets or ratty pillowcases and utter those magical words, “Trick or treat.” They will quickly leave once the candy has been distributed to hit up the next house for even more treats. For the most part, it is little kids with parents[…]